Instructions for taking measurements

Would you like to wear your bangle on your forearm? Measure your forearm circumference!

Would you like to wear your bangle on your wrist? Measure your wrist circumference!

Here you can see how to put on your bangle. (Oval fit, wrist)

Here you can see how you take off your bangle. (Oval fit, wrist)

Here you can see how you can proceed with the round fit (forearm)

Ring measuring card – We would be happy to send them to you.


Take measure

Measure your wrist as illustrated above, the forearm, or the upper arm there, where you want to wear the bracelet.

Than choose your size from the pulldown menu on the item page

If you want to wear the piece of jewelry higher on the arm and not on the wrist, the round instead of the oval shape is recommended.

Size Chart

Small S1 157 mm
Small S2 162 mm
Small S3 167 mm
Small S4 172 mm
Medium M1 175 mm
Medium M2 182 mm
Medium M3 192 mm
Medium M4 202 mm
Large L1 212 mm
Large L2 222 mm
Large L3 232 mm
Large L4 242 mm


The ring size changes over the course of life. The ring size changes over the course of a day. Fingers are usually thicker in the evening than in the morning. Fingers are usually thicker in summer than in winter. Wide rings often have to be slightly larger than narrow rings. The ring size only applies to round rings.

It is safest if you determine the ring size using a ring measurement or a ring measuring card. We would be happy to send you such a card on request. You can also ask for your size in a jewelry store.

Alternatively, you can also use an existing ring that fits the desired finger as a sample and determine the inside diameter with a ruler.
We manufacture the rings in all desired sizes:

Inside diameter Inner circumference
22 mm 69 mm
21 mm 66 mm
20 mm 63 mm
19 mm 60 mm
18 mm 57 mm
17 mm 53 mm
16 mm 50 mm
15 mm 47 mm
14 mm 44 mm
13 mm 41 mm

If you don't have a ring gauge at hand, take a ring that fits well on the desired finger and measure the inside diameter of it.


You determine your neck size / collar size with a tape measure that you loosely put around your neck. The measure is the collar size. Add 1cm to this value for the optimal size of your choker.

The table below shows the standard values in cm

36 38 40 42 44 46 48


How do you determine the belt size?
Basically, the belt size indicates the cm distance between the middle belt hole and the pin of the belt buckle in cm. With the belt length, the individual wearing comfort and the carrying height play a very important role. It is therefore recommended that you take the measuring tape and either measure a suitable belt that has already been worn or measure your waist / waist circumference directly.

Waistband / waist circumference Belt size
66 - 74 cm 70
71 - 79 cm 75
76 - 84 cm 80
81 - 89 cm 85
86 - 94 cm 90
91 - 99 cm 95
96 - 104 cm 100
101 - 109 cm 105
106 - 114 cm 110

Information about the category "Belt".
With this high quality belt with copper / brass clasps we are expanding our range

Table overview

Merlin Iwein Galahad Lancelot Tristan Parzival Gawein
Item nr. 6101 6102 6103 6105 6150 6151 6152
Material Kupfer Kupfer Kupfer Kupfer Messing Messing Messing
Material thickness 2 mm 3 - 5 mm 3 - 5 mm 3 - 5 mm 3 - 5 mm 3 - 5 mm 3 - 5 mm
Weight 90 gr 55 gr 75 gr 70 gr 65 gr 70 gr 50 gr
Belt width 37 mm 30 mm 36 mm 34 mm 36 mm 40 mm 30 mm
Size clasp 45x92 LxB mm
Measure a 32 mm 38 mm 36 mm 37 mm 42 mm 32 mm
Measure b 43 mm 58 mm 53 mm 50 mm 56 mm 47 mm
Measure c 36 mm 47 mm 47 mm 45 mm 55 mm 39 mm
Measure d 48 mm 58 mm 57 mm 52 mm 60 mm 46 mm
Measure e 42 mm 48 mm 45 mm 47 mm 54 mm 42 mm

Graphical overview of the dimensions