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Hand-forged copper jewelry

We are all about copper - a metal that was worked by people 10,000 years ago, used for decoration and used as a therapeutic agent. Since ancient times, cultures around the world have believed in a beneficial effect on the immune system. Above all, copper was and is an excellent material for jewelry designers.
What makes our shop so special:
Free domestic shipping.

 No prepayment: Pay only when you like the jewelry. Order online directly and conveniently on account and without any risk.

Handcrafted: None of our jewelry is industrially manufactured. After receipt of the order, each one is made individually and precisely in pure manual work

Manufactured in Germany: Our materials are purchased from reputable suppliers in Germany and made in the Munich workshop of a single artist.
Made to measure: We offer our bracelets in 12 different sizes. Any special size is possible. The same applies to rings and upper arm clips.
Two fits: oval and round. The "oval" fit is worn on the wrist and is ergonomically adapted to it.
Solid copper: Our jewelry is made from solid copper (so it's not just coated with copper).
No surface treatment: the copper has direct contact with the skin.
Short delivery times: Our delivery time is usually 3-5 days. Because each piece of jewelry is made individually and by hand, delivery bottlenecks can arise in rare cases. If this is the case, we will notify you by email.          If necessary, you can then easily cancel the order.
Express delivery: If there is a hurry, we will deliver the "Athena" bracelet (oval) in 12 standard sizes S1 to L4 for an additional charge of EUR 3.00 within 48 hours.
Gift packaging: We can send most of our jewelry to you in a pretty gift box. Surcharge: 3.00 euros. If you wish, please note it in the "Comments" section when placing your order

Problem-free exchange: Exchange or return is possible without any problems, even if the jewelry has been worn.
Good advice: Any questions, by e-mail: kupferarmband@gmx.de If you provide a phone number, we will be happy to call you back.
Custom-made products: special requests are possible! Let us advise you.
Excellent service: We are there for you - even after years! Our copper jewelry is made with the greatest care and is extremely robust. Should a problem arise after a long period of wearing, send the piece back, trust in our goodwill, you will receive a replacement immediately.
Our collection is constantly expanding: Our shop offers an unusually large selection of high-quality copper jewelry (sometimes with a magnet). Every single piece of jewelry - whether a copper bracelet, choker, ring,            pendant, upper arm bracelet, rune or Chinese zodiac sign - is, as already described, individually and custom-made for you by hand. We attach particular importance to fit, quality and excellent service.

Go on a journey of discovery and be surprised by our large collection!