Bracelet Amun


  • Weight approx. 43 gram
  • Thickness 3mm
  • Width 12 mm
  • Rigid, a bit easy to form by bending
  • Surface Flat. The magnets are placed inside, so they are not visible on the surface. The surface is polished, smooth as glass, rounded edges. no forging traces

Two neodymium magnets installed waterproof, ground with synthetic resin plan. So DO NOT apply. No direct skin contact with the magnets.

Information about the use of neodymium magnets.

Please read the leaflet on using magnetic bracelets carefully. Very careful bonding of the magnets. No skin contact with the magnets. We guarantee the aging resistance of the neodymium magnet.

If you have any questions about taking measurements, click here.

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The magnetic copper bracelet Amun, 3×12 mm.43 gramm slightly wider than the bracelet Arishi
… and this is how we made it:

a 12 mm wide and 3 mm thick strip (long according to your measurements) of solid copper, the sides and ends ground round, then both sides finely ground and polished. Two 4×2 mm recesses are milled on the inside to accommodate the two neodymium magnets later, then pressed into the oval shape. The two neodymium magnets were inserted and sealed with synthetic resin. The magnetic copper bracelet is polished again, packed, placed in a bubble envelope, address label with the tracking code on it … and off to the post office … and then the bracelet will soon be with you.

As the bracelet was made exactly to your specifications, it fits very precisely on the front of the wrist. The bracelet is very comfortable to wear. The bracelet is very durable and is therefore suitable for daily use even under very demanding conditions. It is also ideal for sports activities such as golf or tennis. Absolutely waterproof.

Here about copper: Many athletes wear a copper bracelet, copper is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. See our page “What you should know about copper” here
In terms of design, the bracelet can easily be combined with other pieces of jewelry.
The effect of the bracelet is classic; when worn, it is striking in its width.

Observe the safety instructions regarding jewelry with magnets. If you wear a pacemaker, you should refrain from wearing magnetic jewelry.
Our copper comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany.
We work on demand and manufacture your bracelet in any size according to your specifications within a few days of receiving your order by hand in Germany in our Munich studio.


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