Symbol of Sun


  • Weight approx. 60 gram
  • Width/Length 80 mm
  • Thickness 4 mm
  • Slightly elastic, hardly malleable.
  • Finely ground and polished. Clear hammer finish.
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The solid copper sun wheel as a pendant – rustic, hand-forged with clear traces of forging

This is how your sun wheel is made:
A round copper profile, 4 mm in diameter, is formed into a spiral around a steel tool and then forged with a 500 gram forging hammer, leaving clear forging marks. The copper hardens through cold forging and can now withstand even greater stresses, carefully polished again and then packed, placed in a bubble envelope, address label with the tracking code on it … and off to the post office … and then the sun wheel will soon be with you.

The spiral, an ancient symbol of life, of the sun, of light. The striking forging marks underline its powerful radiance. The appearance: an effective symbol, stable and solid. Wearable as a meaningful pendant, with a sweatshirt or an evening dress. – Striking. A topic of conversation. The copper spiral is dimensionally stable. We include a small leather strap and a mounting ring with your copper spiral.

“Copper is good for you. Although this has not been scientifically proven, many people report that copper helps with inflammation, muscle tension, joint pain and rheumatic complaints. This is why many athletes carry copper in their pockets as a bracelet or pendant.

Our copper comes exclusively from reputable manufacturers in Germany.
We work on demand and manufacture your copper coil by hand in Germany in our Munich studio within a few days of receiving your order.

We deliver worldwide free of shipping costs


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