The slight green discoloration that occurs in some people when the copper bracelet reacts with skin perspiration is quite normal and completely harmless. It can be easily removed with soap and water.

Our copper does not contain nickel, so an allergic reaction is not possible if you are allergic to nickel.

Without any problems. As we do not surface treat our copper, heavy perspiration can sometimes cause a dark or greenish discoloration, even on the skin, but this can be easily washed off.

Yes, of course – no problem either.

If desired: day and night.
As far as the wrist is concerned, it is best to try it out and change it from time to time if necessary. Incidentally, in Chinese medicine it is said that a magnetic bracelet – worn on the right wrist – has a calming and blood pressure-lowering effect, and on the left wrist it has a stimulating or blood pressure-promoting effect. As we do not surface treat our jewelry, it becomes darker and duller – just like silver – if it is not worn for a while. Sweat also plays a role in this. However, you can always polish your bracelet with little effort and a little silver polish.

Ideally not at all, unless you want to polish it up. Copper can change color – this depends, among other things, on how much sweat the skin secretes. In some people, it therefore turns darker when they have a fever and then lightens again when they feel better.

You will often see players wearing copper bracelets on the tennis court – copper jewelry is very popular with athletes. Perhaps there is a reason for this. Just take advantage of our goodwill and try out the bracelet

We will refund the purchase price or exchange the bracelet within eight weeks of purchase. No ifs, ands or buts. Even with scratches, even damaged.

Please contact us. We are happy to give a few percent for larger orders.

Oval is the better fit if the bracelet is to be worn on the wrist because it is ergonomically adapted to it. Most customers therefore also order “oval”. “Round” bracelets are in demand when they are pushed further back on the arm, towards the elbow (i.e. where the arm is more “round”). More detailed explanations can be found in the store subsection “Measurements”.

For the oval shape, the circumference is measured at the wrist, for the round shape, further up, towards the elbow (i.e. always where the bracelet is to be worn). Please take the tape measure loosely – not too tight, but not too wide either. Alternatively, you can use a woolen thread and measure it later with a ruler. As we deliver in 12 sizes, the measurement can be determined very precisely. You can also find more detailed explanations on this in the store under “Measuring”.

Magnetic force on the arm joint is very common and has been used in many areas for a long time. A magnetic field on the underside of the arm, close to the wrist, is said to stimulate the meridian points that are “responsible” for combating tiredness and listlessness.
The magnetic effect is said to have a positive influence on the red blood cells, transporting more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This is said to improve blood circulation in the body, which in turn could accelerate many healing processes. Many people who wear magnetic bracelets report an increase in their energy levels and well-being. From a conventional medical point of view, however, there is no evidence of an effect.

And one more note, please note:
People with pacemakers and pregnant women are advised not to wear magnetic products. This also applies to small children. In general, younger children should not wear our bracelets as they are very sturdy and pose a risk of injury if they get caught.