Bracelet Hekate


  • Weight approx. 60 gram
  • Thickness 4,5 mm
  • Width 45 mm
  • Absolutely stiff can be alterated only with extreme force.
  • Surface polished. Traces of forging, especially on the end pieces.

If it is worn in the right size, it fits perfectly. Please take your measurements carefully.

If you have any questions about taking measurements, click here.

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Hekate – one of our most sophisticated bracelets…about 4 mm thick and 50 mm wide and weighing just under 60 grams.

and this is how we made it:
Formed an oval from 5mm thick solid copper round material, (cut to length according to your measurements) TIG welded the two ends together… (a fusion welding process in which the end pieces are fused together in an electric arc. We use helium as an inert gas here, which enables us to produce an extremely precise weld seam – only the copper is melted here, so no other metal is added)… then the weld seam is cleaned in 20% sulphuric acid and the slag is removed with a brass brush. And then formed the oval into an EIGHT, forged this shape flat. Grind and polish. The bracelet is forged into an oval shape on a tailstock, polished again… and then wrapped, put in a bubble envelope, address label with the tracking code on it … and off to the post office … and then the bracelet will soon be with you.

As the bracelet was made exactly to your specifications (please always measure precisely, here is the video tutorial), it fits very precisely on the front of the wrist. Despite its width of up to 50mm, the bracelet is relatively comfortable to wear. The bracelet is very durable. Not suitable for sporting activities due to its weight and width, absolutely waterproof.

Copper is good for you…?… Although this has not been scientifically proven, many people report that the bracelet helps with inflammation, muscle tension, joint pain and rheumatic complaints. This is why many athletes also wear a copper bracelet. You can find more interesting details on our “What you should know about copper” page.

The little black dress… or jeans and a T-shirt – you are wearing an eye-catcher. But: The Hekate copper bracelet is very eye-catching. In terms of design, the bracelet is difficult to combine with other pieces of jewelry.
The effect of the bracelet is very striking; when worn, it is clearly noticeable due to its width of around 50 mm.

The bracelet may be a little problematic to fit. You are welcome to wear this bracelet (as well as all other pieces of jewelry) to try it on, no problem with exchange or return. Exchange or return also for worn pieces of jewelry, even with signs of wear

Our copper comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany.
We work on demand and manufacture your bracelet in any size according to your specifications within a few days of receiving your order by hand in Germany in our Munich studio.

We ship worldwide and free of charge


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