Earrings Helios


  • Weight approx. 6 gram
  • Thickness 1.5 mm
  • Width 18 mm and length 38 mm (wo mount)
  • Very little elastic. Very easily deformed.
  • Surface polished to a shine. Forging marks slightly visible.

Comes as a single earring, if you would like a pair, order two.

Product contains: 1 Pair

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Helios earring, Do you like singing? Or do you play an instrument? Or do you simply enjoy listening to music ? a piece. We do not deliver as a pair. (order 2 pieces if necessary)

Clef earring. Shaped by hand from a piece of round material, forged by hand, polished, binding rings mounted and the prong attached.

You can choose from the following brisur colors:
Silver colors — 925 o/oo sterling silver. No allergies. Guaranteed nickel-free.
Black ——- 925 o/oo sterling silver, no allergies. guaranteed nickel-free.
Gold colored — Doublé . No allergies. Guaranteed nickel-free.

The small clef, worn by yourself or as a gift for a friend, makes a smart statement as a single earring and goes just as well with evening wear as it does with a T-shirt. Can be worn with any type of jewelry.

The copper clef is very light at a weight of just 6 grams and a thickness of just 1.5 mm, the prong is high-quality and guaranteed nickel-free.

Our copper comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany.
The brisur from renowned German wholesalers
We work on demand and manufacture your earring by hand in Germany in our Munich studio within a few days of receiving your order.

We deliver worldwide free of shipping costs


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