Ring Auvergne


  • Weight approx. 4 gram
  • Thickness 2.5 mm
  • Width 3.5 mm
  • Not malleable. Can be stretched up to 2 sizes.
  • Surface shiny polished, slight forging marks.

This ring is welded (i.e. NOT open side, but closed). This makes this ring extremely stable and durable.

Determining the correct size:
To do this, please measure the inner diameter of an existing ring that fits well on the desired finger, to the millimeter. We will make the ring in 0.5 mm increments in any size you specify.

If you have any questions about taking measurements, click here.

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The Auvergne copper ring – smooth, highly polished with slight traces of forging, made from the Burgundy copper ring.

How the Auvergne copper ring is made
1- Creating the Burgundy copper ring: A round copper profile, 3 mm in diameter, is formed into a ring around the ring stock. Saw off the overlap with our circular saw straight to the diameter you have specified. The ends of the ring are carefully ground flat, then TIG welded. – This is a fusion welding process in which the end pieces are fused together in an electric arc. We use helium as the inert gas here, which enables us to produce an extremely precise weld seam – only the copper is melted here, so no other metal is added. Copper and nothing but copper is used in this piece of jewelry.
Then cleaning with H2SO4. Remove the soft slag with a brass brush.
2- The now shiny ring, the weld seam barely visible, is now processed into the Auvergne ring: the round Burgundy ring is clamped in our vice, forged with the forging hammer, then carefully ground, unevenness smoothed and then polished, the forging marks are clearly visible on the finished ring.

The Auvergne copper ring is made exclusively from copper, solid copper only. The ring is designed to be worn for many years. The appearance, deliberately kept smooth and even, will be just as wearable in many years’ time as it is today. Wearable around the clock, absolutely waterproof, robust, wearable even in the toughest conditions, ok for sports, tennis, o with jeans but also with an evening dress.

Copper is good for you… Although this has not been scientifically proven, many people report that copper helps them with inflammation, muscle tension, joint pain and rheumatic complaints. This is why many athletes wear a copper bracelet. You can find more interesting details on our “What you should know about copper” page.

Determining the right size: To do this, please measure the inside diameter of an existing ring that fits well on the desired finger with millimeter precision. We will produce the ring in 0.5 mm increments in any size you specify. All ring sizes are possible. We will include a ring measurement card with every order so that you can check your ring size again
to determine your ring size. If you are unsure how to determine the correct ring size, we will be happy to send you a ring measurement card.

If you have measured yourself: No problem with exchanges or returns, even for worn jewelry, even with signs of wear.

Our copper comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany.
We work on demand and manufacture your ring by hand in Germany in our Munich studio within a few days of receiving your order.

We deliver worldwide free of shipping costs


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