Brass – an alloy of copper and zinc, this alloy has accompanied mankind for thousands of years and is indispensable in its endless applications. The golden yellow color had already fascinated the alchemists of the Middle Ages, their attempts to produce gold from brass led to many discoveries, including the use of burnishing.

Brass has above-average corrosion resistance, is antiseptic, is used in the tool industry for special tools, can be easily formed, forged or cast.

In architecture it is used for railings or door fittings, in the electrical industry for plug connections, in music for wind instruments. The acoustic properties of brass make it a versatile material.

In art as a casting material for sculptures .

…-and last but not least in the use of brass for the production of jewelry, where its versatility is very important: brass can be melted, e.g. in our >>Chinese zodiac signs<< -or e.g. the belt buckle in sand casting, brass can be brazed very well (e.g. our bracelet >>Artemis<<) or processed with other materials, e.g. copper (e.g. the bracelet >>Kaliope<<).

Brass – a versatile, valuable and durable metal alloy