hard soldering – an intermediate between welding and soft soldering.
We use a self-priming torch and propane gas.
For brazing we use a silver brazing alloy with a working temperature of about 700 degrees.
We achieve a high quality joint, extremely high strength and corrosion resistance.
Our silver brazing alloy is cadmium-free. Alloyed to 45% silver.
Other brazing alloys include copper phosphorus brazing alloy and brass brazing alloy, which we do not use.
When processing brazing alloys, precise adherence to the working
temperature is very important for the durability of the brazing joint.
The joint is easy to forge and hardens very late.
In use, the solder is visible as a small silver-colored ring.
We guarantee the durability of our solder joint,
as well as the wearability.

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