Working in lost casting: a wax model is enclosed in a plaster mold, this plaster mold is heated. The wax model becomes liquid and flows out of the plaster mold. This creates a cavity. This is then filled with hot liquid bronze. The wax model is lost during this process, hence the term “lost casting”. Information on production. The work of art is made from bronze in a “lost casting” process. A wax model of the artwork is created by hand. This wax model is cast in plaster. The plaster mold is heated. The wax model liquefies and the waxflows out of the mold. A cavity is created in the plaster mold. This cavity is then filled with liquid bronze. Once the plaster mold has cooled, it is smashed and the cast is then finely sanded and polished. The wax model is lost in this work process, hence the term “lost cast”. Each piece is unique.