Belt Buckle Rom


  • Weight 39 gram
  • Width from 15 to 60 mm
  • Thickness from 3 to 5 mm
  • Hand forged from 5 mm copper.
  • Absolutely rigid and not malleable
  • Surface polished to a high gloss. The edges are rounded and polished.
  • Custom-made according to belt width!

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The Rom belt buckle – the classic shape of a belt buckle, here in an shorter and wider design.
(longer and narrower is the Geneva belt buckle) Geneva and Rome are identical in manufacture, differing only in width.

The function of a belt buckle is to fasten the belt securely, one would say. But beyond that, the appearance and stability of the belt buckle are important points, and we have made a special effort here: Our belt buckle is made as a single piece, i.e. individually bent into shape, the openings connected with brazing alloy and then hand-forged into shape. The width of your belt is important here – and your belt buckle is then made according to your order.
As an absolutely unique piece. In the past, belt buckles often had cultural and historical significance. Ancient patterns and mystical symbols were often used. When designing our belt buckle, it is important to us that it has a subtle and discreet appearance – our copper belt buckle can in fact be worn anywhere…
Copper is good for you…?…Although this has not been scientifically proven, many people report that copper is good for inflammation, muscle tension, joint pain and rheumatic complaints. This is why many athletes wear solid copper jewelry. Further interesting details can be found on our page “What you should know about copper” Our copper comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany.
We work on demand and manufacture your copper belt buckle in any size
according to your specifications within a few days of receiving your order.
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