Bracelet Ariadne


  • Weight approx. 60 gram
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Width 20 – 50 mm
  • Soldering points with silver-colored brazing solder are visible.
  • Very hard, can be shaped with great effort.
  • Surface polished shiny. Clear traces of forging. The silver solder joints are easily visible.

This bangle is a very special piece. Try it out and use our return service if you don’t like it.

If you have any questions about taking measurements, click here.

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Ariadne: Your very own personal labyrinth

Ariadne, daughter of King Minos, hands her lover Theseus a roll of thread so that he can find his way out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. It works. Theseus defeats the monster, finds his way back, embraces Ariadne and takes her with him when he leaves Crete.
We have created our own labyrinth for you. Made of copper.

And this is how we did it:
A 3 mm thick copper wire is rolled into a 1.3 mm wide strand and then bent into your own personal labyrinth. The contact points are connected with “silver brazing solder”, which remains visible in some places as “silver dots”. This is followed by an elaborate cleaning procedure with diluted sulphuric acid and a brass brush, and finally forging into the oval shape using our tailstock. Carefully ground, checked and polished several times, your unique piece finally sets off on its journey.

The right size is important
As the copper bracelet is very wide (40 mm or more in some places), we work to exact measurements and need to know the exact circumference of your forearm. The bracelet is then very comfortable to wear.

Ariadne is unique due to its fit, width and weight, and stands out accordingly. With its warm reddish shimmer, it can be combined with many colors and looks particularly sophisticated with bottle green, denim blue or petrol. Preferably solo, without other jewelry.

Copper is good for you…?...Although this has not been scientifically proven, many people report that the bracelet helps with inflammation, muscle tension, joint pain and rheumatic complaints. This is why many athletes also wear a copper bracelet. You can find more interesting details on our “What you should know about copper” page.

Uncomplicated conditions…You are welcome to wear the bracelet (like all our jewelry) to try it out. Exchanges or returns are completely uncomplicated, even if the bracelet has been worn for a while.

Handmade….Our copper comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers in Germany. We work on demand and make your bracelet by hand in our Munich studio after receiving your order. According to your specifications, in any size and in the shortest possible time (2-3 working days)

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