Zodiac Tiger


  • Solid bronze. Copper-tin alloy made using the “lost casting” method.
  • Weight approx. 12 gram
  • Thickness 6 mm
  • Dimensions approx. 37 x 26 mm
  • Absolutely rigid, hard. Cannot be deformed.
  • Surface polished to a high gloss.

We supply this Chinese zodiac sign with a leather strap and a connecting ring, so that you can also wear this amulet on a chain.

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The tiger is a predator, sensitive and aggressive,
unpredictable and brave, commanding respect and enchanting.
It finds it difficult to accept the authority of a superior human.
As a lone fighter, he is courageous and often takes great risks.
Success in every respect is important to him.
Unfortunately, however, it also happens
hasty and hasty decisions, as he does not like to plan ahead.

Interpersonally, a character trait sometimes comes to the fore: a tiger, once it has made prey, can lose the – shall we say – fun of the thing if it is not challenged again and again. It loves change, needs variety, wants to conquer again and again – and this is precisely what the tiger’s partner should bear in mind: a new game, and conquering again. And it is precisely this wild temperament that makes the Tiger particularly lovable. And if the Tiger’s partner recognizes this, then this huge cat may become a little calmer and more balanced.

In a partnership, the tiger is a wild fellow, it certainly won’t be boring with him, he will always take the initiative. A tiger would never subordinate itself in a relationship. A comparison with a domestic cat comes to mind: exercise is important, taming a tiger is about as pointless as teaching a cat to be male. But if he asks for his freedom, he will probably hardly use it, and his favorite place will be in front of the warm stove. Incidentally, he can also purr … – but you can’t command him to do so.

The tiger is successful in his job as the boss of a large company, but also as a racing driver, a bullfighter (ha, but there aren’t many here … ) or as a fireman, he seeks excitement. A tiger as an accountant? Unthinkable!

Well-known tigers include Matt Lucas and Cybil Shepherd

A good match for a tiger would be a dragon, a dog or a horse.

©Michael Eichin

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