Zodiac Rat


  • Solid bronze. Copper-tin alloy made using the “lost casting” method.
  • Weight approx. 12 gram
  • Thickness 6 mm
  • Dimensions approx. 36 x 25 mm
  • Absolutely rigid, hard. Cannot be deformed.
  • Surface polished to a high gloss.

We supply this Chinese zodiac sign with a leather strap and a connecting ring, so that you can also wear this amulet on a chain.

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Rats are very generous to friends and family.
They are charming and often have an artistic streak. But they are also clever and cunning…
They like to work towards a fixed goal – and then with full ambition.
And if it doesn’t work out… well, let’s start all over again.
Their determination is remarkable, and success is often only a matter of time.

But because of her direct forward thrust, it can happen that the rat backs the wrong horse: Their … hmm… rat knowledge is sometimes clouded by their haste. If this happens, it withdraws, becomes suspicious and dissatisfied with itself, but this is only short-lived: soon it’s full speed ahead again.

In the interpersonal sphere, the male Rat is less inclined towards an early relationship, but if he does lose his heart – preferably by giving it away – well, then he will take all the stars out of his partner’s sky.

The Rat female, on the other hand, is more inclined to an early relationship, her affection is genuine and all-embracing, and can sometimes even slip into a bit of jealousy. She then needs a partner to catch her and reassure her of his affection.

In a partnership, the Rat is keen to experiment, likes to go the whole hog, and does so with full commitment. The female Rat, on the other hand, is sometimes quite nest-oriented, and her affection for her partner can be characterized by a certain dominance.

Professionally, Rats feel comfortable in sales management, as writers or in freelance professions.

Rats feel particularly comfortable with buffaloes, monkeys or even dragons

Famous Rats: Ursula Andress, Hugh Grant

©Michael Eichin

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