Zodiac Monkey


  • Solid bronze. Copper-tin alloy made using the “lost casting” method.
  • Weight approx. 14 gram
  • Thickness 6 mm
  • Dimensions approx. 36 x 30 mm
  • Absolutely rigid, hard. Cannot be deformed.
  • Surface polished to a high gloss.

We supply this Chinese zodiac sign with a leather strap and a connecting ring, so that you can also wear this amulet on a chain.

Click here for the list of zodiac signs.

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the monkey loves life.
Monkeys are often unusually intelligent and full of inventiveness,
clever and entertaining. A monkey is exceptional in many ways,
successfully meets every challenge.
Monkeys have a remarkable charisma. …..
Well, yes, and this can sometimes make monkeys seem a little condescending to their fellow human beings.

Interpersonally – a Monkey is a welcome sight. A cheerful partygoer, sociable, a good storyteller, often has a good joke up his sleeve. And helpful. Such a monkey has a clear view, is well-read. In an argument, the monkey easily gets the upper hand. And if a little fibbing is needed, a monkey can use that too, its own success counts. Something that must not happen to a Monkey: losing face.

In a partnership: A fun and adventurous life with a Monkey, it certainly won’t be boring. However, the Monkey sometimes finds it a little difficult to have in-depth conversations. Better “carpe diem” than “yesterday was … ” Join in the game, enjoy the exciting time, don’t question yesterday. Entering into a relationship with a monkey can be exhausting… You should always remember never to play down to a monkey or show weaknesses. They won’t admit that to themselves either.

Professionally, the Monkey’s motto is: Problems are there to be solved. You will find a successful monkey wherever persuasiveness is needed, in sales, as a politician, in intellectual professions. And they are successful there too. A monkey can be very persuasive, top performance is no problem for the master of improvisation, he never gives up. And if everything does go wrong, his agility is what gets him back on his feet.

Of course, a monkey goes best with a monkey. Or even the rat.

Omar Sharif and George Lucas, for example, were born in the Year of the Monkey

©Michael Eichin

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