Zodiac Rooster


  • Solid bronze. Copper-tin alloy made using the “lost casting” method.
  • Weight approx. 15 gram
  • Thickness 6 mm
  • Dimensions approx. 28 x 30 mm
  • Absolutely rigid, hard. Cannot be deformed.
  • Surface polished to a high gloss.

We supply this Chinese zodiac sign with a leather strap and a connecting ring, so that you can also wear this amulet on a chain.

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The rooster – a proud animal.
And it is this pride that often makes the rooster very dependent on the recognition
of his fellow human beings. This pride makes him very full of himself
. – And then his urge to know everything makes the rooster a lone fighter
– and sometimes a somewhat difficult contemporary.

Interpersonally, the Rooster’s thirst for knowledge and his pride are often to blame for the fact that his behavior comes across to others as boasting, and if you know that this is just his nature and don’t take it amiss, then you can get along with a Rooster. And then enjoy the pleasant sides of the rooster: Kind-heartedness and helpfulness. And by the way: never laugh at a rooster. He would never forgive the other person.

In a partnership, the Rooster man is quite interesting. Active, often dominant. You know the expression “cock of the walk”? He is the Don Juan of the Chinese. But the Rooster woman is quite different; she also has luck in love on her side, but is more open to an intact family life, admires her partner unreservedly as a Hen and loves him with all her heart. And here too, don’t skimp on genuine appreciation and praise.

Professionally, thanks to its courage and strong will to work, the Rooster can often be found in unusual professions, for example as a professional soldier, a policeman or a traveler in distant countries. Accept help from strangers? Impossible for a rooster. And that makes the rooster vulnerable: praise can make the rooster’s comb swell with pride. And if this praise was not genuine, then the rooster cannot look left and right because of his proudly swollen chest, and often falls for a planned hoax. The rooster as a good colleague ? there’s only one thing to do: pay honest tribute. And then he will also deliver top performance.

Best of as a partner to the rooster: The snake and the buffalo

Rod Stewart? That’s right, a rooster! Also Jennifer Aniston, Christiane Durer

© Michael Eichin

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