Zodiac Horse


  • Solid bronze. Copper-tin alloy made using the “lost casting” method.
  • Weight approx. 14 gram
  • Thickness 6 mm
  • Dimensions approx. 36 x 30 mm
  • Absolutely rigid, hard. Cannot be deformed.
  • Surface polished to a high gloss.

We supply this Chinese zodiac sign with a leather strap and a connecting ring, so that you can also wear this amulet on a chain.

Click here for the list of zodiac signs.

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Horses like to work and are fully committed.
They are smart, friendly and cheerful in their dealings with other people.
They plan their lives well in advance and, well, can often get very angry and impatient,
when things don’t quite go according to plan.
They often feel a certain… superiority over others.
And: …. <<<<The perception of their own interests is more important to them than anything else. Hmm….

As far as interpersonal relationships are concerned, horses feel particularly at home at parties and receptions: horses are very popular. They like to talk, but what they say has substance, at least most of the time. And if what they say isn’t quite right, well, a horse has a sense of humor and can even laugh at itself. You can’t miss a horse, but why should you: horses have their hearts in the right place.

In a partnership, such a horse likes to play the dominant role, so admiration is the order of the day for the horse. And if such a horse doesn’t … hmmm … arrive as planned, it can sometimes snap. Becomes bad-tempered. And doesn’t hold back its bad mood. Then what? Admiringly accept his leadership role and give him a bit of a run for his money. You’ll get friendship and helpful affection in return.

Professionally: they benefit greatly from long-term life planning: horses are good in financial matters, they bring a lot of momentum into things. And somehow something always gets stuck somewhere. . But the horses’ desire for freedom cannot be overlooked either. Horses particularly like professions in which they are left to their own devices. Such as doctor, researcher, astronaut (but this is difficult, there are few vacancies), but if it doesn’t work out there: as a politician, such a horse is quite well received. (see interpersonal)

Surely you know these horses: Rolf Harris and Aretha Franklin

The partner for the horse ? The dog … and especially the tiger

©Michael Eichin

Here is the table of the signs of the zodiac


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